Let’s Get Reel: The Irishman

I have a Thanksgiving tradition. Every year, I rewatch The Last Waltz, Martin Scorsese’s look at the final concert of The Band, Thanksgiving 1978. It is my favorite concert of all time. Well, I broke tradition this year, partly out of necessity and partly out of “oh look, something new and shiny”. I digitized my DVD collection a couple years ago, and don’t even have a DVD connected in my house any more. And my Macbook is still down, so I don’t have access to my movie library, because it is on a Mac-formatted external drive. Luckily, Scorcese has something … Continue reading Let’s Get Reel: The Irishman

Joker Is No Joke: A Disturbing Look At Mental Illness

The Joker character works extremely well as a comic book character. He works pretty well as a side piece to a larger story as the villain, but because he was such a bizarre character, it worked best in doses, without examination of the back story. Well, Joker, out now in theaters, is that intense, dark look at the back story. Joaquin Phoenix plays Arthur Fleck, the man behind the drawn-on smile. Fleck is a mentally ill man lost in a broken system who routinely gets kicked when he is down, literally on occasion, figuratively always. Going in, I expected there … Continue reading Joker Is No Joke: A Disturbing Look At Mental Illness