A Chance Find Re-Ignites An Old Fandom

For several years, I had what could be considered an unhealthy obsession with the movie The Crow, released in 1994, my sophomore year of high school. I was 15.

It is the greatest love story ever told. Fight me on that one. It was violent, dark, shot in a completely unique tonal range and it featured a kickass industrial soundtrack.

I have the comics, the VHS (opened and unopened). I have the figures, the books, the lunch box. I had The Crow 2 on my license plate, thanks to a DMV error. I still have old friends who try to get under my skin for that one, because The Crow 2 sucked in comparison, as if that was still a thing worth getting upset over. I have James O’Barr autographs. I had the T-shirts, the hats, the hoodies. I was just shy of the trench coat. Yeah, I was that guy.

I. Have.The. Tattoo.

And I have zero regrets on that one, by the way.

It is still my favorite movie ever. But, instead of multiple times a week like I did for a couple of years, I tend to only rewatch it a couple times a year these days. I read the new comics when they make them, but haven’t read any of the books in a while.

But on Sunday, I stopped by Secret Headquarters in Evansville to see what new Funko’s were available there. They had a few I was interested in. I had a couple He-Man characters picked out I did not already have, and finally snagged the Deadpool Bob Ross.

But then, as I looked in the cases for any higher end Funko’s, I stumbled across one of the figures I did not have, the 18-inch motion/sound activated Eric Draven released for the 10th anniversary, made by NECA. It is out-of-box, and missing the crow that sits on his shoulder. Its arm is loose. I will try the old rubber-band trick on that. But, still, that fanboy feeling was rekindled. And I couldn’t resist at $60.

So, say hello to my new, old friend.


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