Let’s Get Reel: Rocketeer

I keep a Watch List in my to-do app. I can’t remember how Rocketeer wound up in it, but it rolled around to the top of the list today. So, I fired up Disney+ and watched this 1991 “superhero” film for the first time. I had somehow missed this when it came out. I was 12 at the time. Forgive me. I had entered my anti-Disney phase by then.

See kids, in 1991, we did not have a plethora of superhero movies. This was long before Marvel figured anything, and just a couple years after the first decent Batman movie. So, “a guy finds a self-propelled rocket and flies around while the mob hunts him” qualified as a superhero movie in those days, complete with a historical twist from Tim Dalton’s Neville Sinclair.

Starring Billie Campbell as the hero, and Dalton taking a turn as the villain, this movie is nothing to write home about (he says as he writes about it on his blog), but it also is not a waste of time. Jennifer Connelly plays the love interest, early in her career. It would not be her last hero movie, as she has since been Betty Ross and “Suit Lady” Karen in Hulk and Spider-Man.

Go into it with the proper expectations, and it can be enjoyable. Plus, cool helmet, ya’ll.

WeezScore: 70%.


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