Happy Birthday Tom awaits

I call my Best Of list Interesting Air, based on a Tom Waits quote. Dude is just a cool cat. Even the stuff he puts out I don’t love, I appreciate. Well, Mr. Waits is 70 today. Born Dec. 7, 1949, Waits pairs an eclectic folk-blues van guarded with his gravel voice. And incredible song writing. I still say the best example of just how outside-the-box he is, is his 1978 performance on Austin City Limits. Yeah, the same year i was born. It is still one of my favorites, and i don’t need much of an excuse to watch … Continue reading Happy Birthday Tom awaits

Playlist of the Week: Acceptable Christmas Music

Now that we are through Thanksgiving, ya’ll are legally allowed to focus on Christmas. Those of you who jumped the gun, shame on you. Shame. And that now includes Christmas music. I’ll let you have the next few weeks, but just know I do this my own way. Frolicking through the snow, jingling of bells and blah, blah. All that ain’t me. As I was recently told, “it was a cute movie, you would hate it.”. I’ve been up front with depressing music consoling me in some sort of twisted way. So yeah, my Christmas music list might be a … Continue reading Playlist of the Week: Acceptable Christmas Music

Worth A Read: Mereba–Dodging The Devil

I’m not quite sure where to file Spoken Word stuff here, other than occasionally in the “shit I like” pile. I consider it mostly like podcasts and audiobooks, I call it reading, not listening for some reason. I’m not sure if that is old school, curmudgeon or what. I also refuse to ponder it too long. Consume, enjoy, properly ponder, learn, move on. I’ve posted about my love for Tiny Desk before. Last week, Mereba was on there. I had no familiarity, but I tend to listen to every new episode TD puts out. Walking out in an isolated area, … Continue reading Worth A Read: Mereba–Dodging The Devil

A Speech That Should Be Required Viewing For High School Graduation

Every college baskbetall season, we see the clip of Jimmy Valvano’s “Don’t Ever Give Up Speech from the 1993 ESPYs. The foundation continues to raise money for cancer research. They play clips frequently, but I whole-heartedly believe the entire speech, which checks in around 10 minutes, should be required viewing. Seriously, I watch it at least once a year. You should too. Even if you have seen it before. Watch it again. Then go live it. The rest takes care of itself. While you are at it, go watch Stuart Scott’s too, then wipe away the tears, come back and … Continue reading A Speech That Should Be Required Viewing For High School Graduation