Fab Five Friday–December 6, 2019

Been a few weeks since a Fab Five Friday update, thanks to travel and the Macbook dying. And we are late this week, but…

Here are five songs worth listening to this week.

Amberly Chalberg–Crazy Bout You

This one sounds like it could have been just a couple tracks behind Ode To Billie Joe on a Bobbie Gentry album. Off Hi-Line, which came out in October, this is a traditional country track that calls back to the late 70s. From Montana, via Denver, this album sounds like you would expect an album to sound like from a woman whose first guitar was an Emmylou Harris model.

Chicago Farmer–Indiana Line

I’ve been lucky enough to see Chicago Farmer live twice, once in St. Louis and once in Flora of all places. Toby Brown went with me to the Flora show, and he recently sent me the studio version of this one. I’m posting the Daytrotter version from last year because Daytrotter has introduced me to a good amount of good music. This one is a foot stomper.

 Well, come on boys, I can see the light
Through the shadow of my doubt
I'll make a run at the sun tonight
And be home before it's out

Soo Line Loons–Dancing At The VFW

The band is named after the Canadian rail line that runs through Minnesota. This is another slow country tune with plenty of small town bar imagery harking back to a past generation. You can hear the smoke wafting through the air in the space between the notes. Military, railroad, love, aging, holding on and keeping the flame alive. It’s all in there.

Drive-By Truckers–Armageddon’s Back In Town

This is Patterson Hood doing his best Bruce Springsteen, and I say that as someone who loves the shit out of both. I am a card-carrying member of the Sportswiters Worship The Boss club, and I have gone on record with my willingness to play Patterson Hood to sing me the news.

You can't tell the rabbit from the hat. 
It was high noon in somebody's head
Before the first boot hit the ground.

Anderson .Paak–Then There Were Two

Mark Ronson is known for his infection pop tunes (think Uptowon Funk, Rehab, Shallow). For this track on the Spies In Disguise soundtrack. Normally, I would not be featuring a Ronson song on here, he is almost impossible to escape; but I’ll make an exception for .Paak, who blew up hip hop in 2016 with Malibu, album I had on repeat quite a bit.

This one could have fallen flat for me, but .Paak has a flow that works with this one, changing pace back and forth. The horns are subtle in this. They have to be for radio play, but I’d love to hear a horn breakdown on this one live.

We’ll be back with five more next week. Until then, remember the immortal words…
“Songs are really just interesting things to be doing with the air.” Tom Waits


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