Playlist of the Week: Acceptable Christmas Music

Now that we are through Thanksgiving, ya’ll are legally allowed to focus on Christmas. Those of you who jumped the gun, shame on you. Shame.

And that now includes Christmas music. I’ll let you have the next few weeks, but just know I do this my own way.

Frolicking through the snow, jingling of bells and blah, blah. All that ain’t me. As I was recently told, “it was a cute movie, you would hate it.”. I’ve been up front with depressing music consoling me in some sort of twisted way. So yeah, my Christmas music list might be a little different than others.

We have songs about family not making it because they got old and died. We got songs about Santa dying even. We have Christmas cards from hookers. Waking up in the drunk tank on Christmas. Taking a day off from fighting with spouses because it is Christmas. There is some more traditional stuff too, but mostly in traditional country style.

You know, uplifting stuff.

Oh, and Christmas In Hollis. Because Run DMC forever.

Acceptable Christmas Music


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