Kaizen: Training Log, Aug. 17-30, 2020

Catching up with two weeks at once here. We are getting back into a routine post Covid and quarantine. And by routine, I mean I repeated the same workout five times, slowly increasing either intensity or volume as we went. The first couple of workouts wiped me, showing the effects of Covid, as they were about half was I was doing prior. Still, it was good to get back into it. I’m still working my way through some old school power routines, walking daily (a 5K a day keeps the diabetes away!), and doing some airdyne work on days I … Continue reading Kaizen: Training Log, Aug. 17-30, 2020

Losing Celebrities and Parental Guilt

This was a rough week for me in as far as losing people I never met. Justin Townes Earle and Chadwick Boseman were both big parts of my life in that I was a great admirer of both of their careers. 2020 could have taken John Prine from us and it would have been a shitty year in regards to celebrity loss. This was just a kick to the nuts this week. I listened to JT a good part of the week. I watched Black Panther Saturday, and plan on watching 42 and Get On Down sometime soon. It’s what … Continue reading Losing Celebrities and Parental Guilt

Book Nook: The Devil All The Time

I often say “If I don’t know a guy, I know a guy who knows a guy.” Well, when it comes to gothic rural noir and most things disparate and desperate, my guy is Jeff Reno. Reno use to send me books to read, knowing my own deranged taste waded in similar waters to him. So, when he mentioned The Devil All The Time recently, I was surprised it was not already in a stack on my shelf. With a Netflix film set to come out in a few weeks, I decided it was time to crank through this one, … Continue reading Book Nook: The Devil All The Time

Let’s Get Reel: Blinded By The Light

I’m a card-carrying Sports Writer (TM), even if just on a part-time basis these days. Somethings you just are. As a Sports Writer (TM), I’m of course required by law to worship two people outside of the Sports Writer world: Bruce Springsteen and the modern-day version, Jason Isbell. Some people consider the pledged devotion part of the membership dues, but, neigh, I consider it one of the membership perks. We may all get in Twitter battles discussing Nebraska vs. Darkness vs. Born, etc., but at the end of the day, we all go home acknowledging our music God. One thing … Continue reading Let’s Get Reel: Blinded By The Light

Let’s Get Reel: Rocketeer

I keep a Watch List in my to-do app. I can’t remember how Rocketeer wound up in it, but it rolled around to the top of the list today. So, I fired up Disney+ and watched this 1991 “superhero” film for the first time. I had somehow missed this when it came out. I was 12 at the time. Forgive me. I had entered my anti-Disney phase by then. See kids, in 1991, we did not have a plethora of superhero movies. This was long before Marvel figured anything, and just a couple years after the first decent Batman movie. … Continue reading Let’s Get Reel: Rocketeer

TV Recap: A Few I’ve Watched Recently

Just a quick recap of what I’ve been watching lately. Wu Assassins (Netflix) A supernatural Kung Fu series streaming on Netflix, there is one season so far, with 10 episodes. Nothing fantastic, but solid. The fight choreography outshines the story line, although there was enough mythology and a twist or two to make the story line worth it as well. It is built around Iko Uwais, who plays a Chinese-Indonesian orphan chef, and his friends. Uwais’ Kai is bestowed as the last Wu Assassin and must kill the other Wu Lords. If nothing else, you get some Tommy Flanagan, which … Continue reading TV Recap: A Few I’ve Watched Recently

So…I hit my goal weight

I’ve been on this weight loss journey for close to a year now, and pretty seriously since December. I started 2020 with the goal of getting to 242 pounds. I wanted to get there by a power lift meet this December. I peaked at 280 pounds last fall. Then a pandemic hit.Then I injured my knee.Then my company got rid of its walk incentive.Then I got sick.Then my wife got sick.Then we got quarantined. I’m Mister “Don’t make excuses, make results” guy, right? Well, I’m here to say, those excuses above slowed me down a tad on my journey… but … Continue reading So…I hit my goal weight