Gulf Shores–2020 Style

What was suppose to be a Key West trip in the pre-pandemic world turned into a trip down to Gulf Shores, AL this week. Lot of condo balcony time, avoiding people on the beach, taking the next elevator when it it has people and asking restaurants “do you have outside seating?” despite the 90-degree weather. Doing what we can, and still having some fun, while mostly relaxing.

This will mostly be a picture blog with quick comments, updated as I go.

The View From The Balcony

The Eats

Meal Rankings

  1. Big Fish–Grouper, rice, firecracker shrimp, sushi, copious amounts of wine
  2. Luna’s–Stuffed Grouper, tomato pie, cornbread hush puppies
  3. Brick & Spoon–Crab Cake Benny, Bloody Mary
  4. S&S Seafood–Cajun grouper, hush puppies, potatoes, crab cake, cajun shrimp
  5. Hattie B’s–Nashville Hot chicken breast, fries, potato salad.
  6. Bahama Bob’s–Trigger fish, fries
  7. Flying Harpoon–Raw oysters, shrimp po’ boy.
  8. Tacky Jack’s–Braised Shrimp, cheesy grits, blackened gator.
  9. Mellow Mushroom–Pizza
  10. Sea ‘N Suds–Seafood sampler

The Drinks

Beer Ratings

Me: I really don’t drink as much as I use to.
Also me:

4.5–Humble Forager Coaston Sunshine: Passionfruit, Mango, Pink Guava; Big Beach Skyrockets, Big Beach Emergen-Sea, Parish Ghost In The Machine
4.25–More Double Frooted Double P, Common Bond Orbital Cloud IPA, TrimTrab Cake Therapy, Hop Butcher Hidden Secret Cove, Phase Three DDH Amarillo Vic Secret Double Creme, Hailstorm Haze Concept 003, Mikerphone Bulletproof Cadillac, Lil’ Beaver Citra Space Crystals
4.0–Fairhope Brewing (Take The Causeway) IPA, Jekyll Southern Juice, Ghost Train Pau Hana Punch Smoothie Sour, Chandeleur Island Love Bug, Braided River Hang Out, Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break, Crooked Stave Artisan DDH Sour Ale, Parish Dr. Juice, Sun Lab Lifting Restrictions
3.75–Sixpoint Cosmic Handshake, Monday Night Blind Pirate, Ferus Artisan Fallen: Red Currant, Big Beach Area Two Fifty-One
3.5–Ghost Train Kaleidoscope Kettle Sour, Big Beach Hundred Daze IPA, Big Beach Amy Honey Basil Wheat, Liquid Love Dear To Heart
3.25-Yellowhamer T-Minus Tangerine Kolsch, Left Hand Hard Wired Nitro
3.0–Ghost Train Gulf Coast IPA

The Woman Who Made It A Thousand Times Better

The Friends Who Helped With That

Surprisingly Didn’t Get My Ass Kicked In Alabama…Yet.

The Beach

The Randoms

This is Art.

This is Truth.

8/6: Covid update. A week in now, and I have to say, this place feels safer than back home, in regards to Covid. I know the numbers have spiked down here, but I’ve been impressed with the distancing, and the compliance. I can see why the SEC is so good in football. They don’t have as many softies who can’t breathe through a mask down here.

Shut Up Apple, I’m On Vacation

Yeah, We Did That One Thing Everyone Does


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