Take The Points–Jan. 15, 2020

Here is this week’s episode of Take The Points, on Wabash TV. Bruce and Weez this week. 0:00–Intro, community calendar, national days 16:00–National championship game recap 27:00–NFL talk, Saturday picks 40:20–NFL, Sunday picks 53:30–Super Bowl picks 56:00–NHL Stanley Cup picks … Continue reading Take The Points–Jan. 15, 2020

NFL Playoff Preview–Second Round

St. Louis Rams at Green Bay Packers Line: Packers -6.5. Total 45.5. Opened GB -7, 47. Pro Line: 5.5. Bettor Rating 3.4. 538: GB -9, 78%.Bet%: GB 60%. Money%: GB 54. DVOA Breakdown Packers 79.7% chance to win.Weighted DVOA: Packers #4 (31.4%). Rams #8 (14.1%). Packers Offense vs. Rams Defense#1 Pass DVOA vs. #4 Pass D DVOA#5 Rush DVOA vs. #3 Rush D DVOA Rams Offense vs. Packers Defense#20 Pass DVOA vs. #15 Pass D DVOA#4 Rush DVOA vs. #18 Rush D DVOA Injuries: GB: David Bakhtiari on IR Jan. 2. 4x Pro-Bowl, 0 sacks this year. Jared Veldheer on … Continue reading NFL Playoff Preview–Second Round

Criminal Justice Omnibus 3653

Collection of stuff I’m reading on the bill. Capitol News Illinois: Black Caucus passes criminal justice omnibus bill through Senate Reddit Thread State’s Attorney Association Letter Follow up to the above letter from a private group I can not link to or attribute. Again, I am just trying to track what I’m reading. The Illinois State’s Attorney’s Association’s statement is a more factually based position on the bill (but doesn’t comment on the qualified immunity or collective bargaining issues for LE), authored by Hamilton County State’s Attorney Justin Hood for ISAA. For example, this infographic states that the bill “completely … Continue reading Criminal Justice Omnibus 3653

Fact Checking Posts And The Signals You Can Send On Social Media

The Information Superhighway is a good thing, right? For the most part. But, there is also an entire subset of folks who simply don’t have the skillset to navigate the deluge of information. Luckily, we have a fairly simple network to help us along the path. Still, mistakes can happen. Mistakes are learning opportunities, right? Well, maybe not for some. If I post something on social media that is easily proven wrong or out of context (let me have my context-less jokes though, please), please feel free to link to an article showing that my post is wrong or false. … Continue reading Fact Checking Posts And The Signals You Can Send On Social Media

Preseason NFL Over/Under Predictions Review: An exercise in mediocrity.

With the regular season in the rearview, it is time to see how Bruce and I did on our win total predictions. NFC NFC East Weez Bruce Cowboys 9.5 Over Over Eagles 9.5 Under Under Giants 6.5 Under Over Redskins 5.5 Under Under NFC West 49ers 10.5 Under Under Seahawks 9.5 Under Over Rams 8.5 Under Under Cardinals 7 Over Over NFC North Vikings 9 Under Under Packers 9 Under Under Bears 8.5 Under Under Lions 6.5 Over Over NFC South Saints 10.5 Over Over Buccaneers 9.5 Under Under Falcons 7.5 Over Over Panthers 5.5 Under Under So, in the … Continue reading Preseason NFL Over/Under Predictions Review: An exercise in mediocrity.