Does your dog have an action figure? Because mine does.

Last March, we adopted a dog from the local shelter. If you follow any of my social media, you have seen him, quite often probably. He had come in as a stray and the pound was calling him Milo, a … Continue reading Does your dog have an action figure? Because mine does.

NFL Postseason Awards

With the NFL regular season completed, and the Heisman out of the way tonight. it is time to take a quick look at the NFL postseason awards, how I would vote and how I expect it to go. NFL MVP What I think it will be: 1) Aaron Rodgers. 2) Patrick Mahomes 3) Josh Allen. How I would vote: 1) Patrick Mahomes. 2) Aaron Rodgers. 3) Derrick Henry. This is Aaron Rodgers’ award by almost all accounts. He has the narrative of “the old man’s last hurrah” and the argument that the younger Patrick Mahomes has plenty of time to … Continue reading NFL Postseason Awards

Branch on Fire: Dogfish Head Compelling Gin

Wait, this isn’t whiskey? What? Dogfish Head was one of my first craft beer loves, so when one of Sarah’s trips took her to Baltimore a few years back, I turned it into my Delaware trip and a stop in Milton, DE to hit my favorite brewery finally. I brought back several beer varieties, and even a Dogfish Head-branded record player…and this gin. I don’t drink gin often. Typically as a changeup cocktail dining out. Which is why I still have this bottle at home. It is the only gin I sip neat. I used others for mixing. Gin is … Continue reading Branch on Fire: Dogfish Head Compelling Gin

What Song Makes You Feel Confident?

Do you have a song you go to when you are down, or in need of courage boost? That one that just makes you feel better about yourself? Often, these are attached to a memory from when you accomplished something cool, or was with someone who made you feel confident. Mine is Eminem’s ‘Til I Collapse, release in 2002. ‘Til I Collapse has been my heavy squat song pretty much since it came out. And the power cage with a bar on my back is my comfort zone. It’s one of the few areas I know I can be successful, … Continue reading What Song Makes You Feel Confident?