Preseason NFL Over/Under Predictions Review: An exercise in mediocrity.

With the regular season in the rearview, it is time to see how Bruce and I did on our win total predictions.


NFC EastWeezBruce
Cowboys 9.5OverOver
Eagles 9.5UnderUnder
Giants 6.5UnderOver
Redskins 5.5UnderUnder
NFC West
49ers 10.5UnderUnder
Seahawks 9.5UnderOver
Rams 8.5UnderUnder
Cardinals 7OverOver
NFC North
Vikings 9UnderUnder
Packers 9UnderUnder
Bears 8.5UnderUnder
Lions 6.5OverOver
NFC South
Saints 10.5OverOver
Buccaneers 9.5UnderUnder
Falcons 7.5OverOver
Panthers 5.5UnderUnder

So, in the NFC, I was 8-8, while Bruce was also 8-8. We actually don’t differed on two and split those. I was exactly 2-2 in every division.


AFC EastWeezBruce
Bills 9UnderOver
Patriots 8.5OverUnder
Dolphins 6.5UnderOver
Jets 6.5OverOver
AFC West
Chiefs 11.5OverOver
Broncos 7.5UnderUnder
Raiders 7.5UnderOver
Chargers 7.5UnderUnder
AFC North
Ravens 11Over (Push)Over (Push)
Steelers 9OverUnder
Browns 8.5UnderUnder
Bengals 5.5UnderUnder
AFC South
Titans 8.5UnderUnder
Colts 8.5OverUnder
Texans 7.5UnderOver
Jaguars 5UnderOver

In the AFC, I completely whiffed on the East, but still managed to go 8-7-1, with a push on the Ravens. Bruce went 4-4 in the West and 3-1 in the East, but whiffed on the South. He finished 8-7-1 as well.


So in total, we both went 16-15-1. A futile exercise indeed.

I typically play a few season win totals. I didn’t this year due to the Covid uncertainty. That turned out to be a good call, as it would have tied up money for a while that likely would have just broke even.


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