Does your dog have an action figure? Because mine does.

Last March, we adopted a dog from the local shelter. If you follow any of my social media, you have seen him, quite often probably. He had come in as a stray and the pound was calling him Milo, a name I’m not particularly fond up. So, Sarah let me rename him.

Well, I’m a nerd. We know this. One of my nerd-doms is Marvel. This dog looked nothing like Lockjaw, so I went with Cosmo, the cosmonaut dog most notably from the Guardians of the Galaxy world. In the comics, he is telepathic. In real life, we are still working on that with our Cosmo. It’s not going so great so far. The comic version is also a brown retriever. Ours is a white/brown beagle/hound. Close enough though.

One of my other nerd things is my Funko Pop collection. I have…many. After we got Cosmo, I made sure I got one of the Cosmo ones. Then got the idea to get a second one and have my buddy Tommy Kent paint it for me to look like ours. He brought it back recently, and I’m happy to say I love it.

On the left is the original Funko, the painted on the right, with the good boy in the middle. And yes, he has his own queen size bed in the basement covered in dog hair.

The close-ups. The helmet doesn’t come off, so getting the top of the head was difficult and some paint got on the helmet. I just like to pretend the one on the right has been through some stuff and that is just wear and tear.

Thanks to Tommy for making this a thing. I love it. Cosmo was indifferent though. Sorry about that. He’s like that sometimes.


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