The Truffle Shuffle–Virtual Style

I’ve said it before, but this last year has been the year we learned how to interact with people over videoconferencing, almost exclusively. At times, that has absolutlely sucked. But it has also led to some new ways to enjoy things I never would have before.

Like, a virtual chocolate truffle tasting.

This one was set up by my employers and featured a small business from New England called Chocolate Therapy, run by married couple Pam and David Griffin.

They sent out tasting kits to those who signed up, including everything we needed for the tasting.

The kit included all things chocolate from start to finish, as well as a sampler of four of their truffles. Pam and David had us taste our way through the process, from raw cocao bean through harvesting and into processing. We tasted the raw bean, nibs, cocoa butter, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, the sweetened truffle part, and then the combination of all of it in the truffles.

The presentation included pictures, history, how the whole process works. Pam and David were cute in that “pick on each other the way Sarah and I do”. So, I have some relationship goals. Something tells me if I decided to hard right turn into a truffle company man, she might be on board with this.

So, fun, educational and delicious all in one!

I enjoyed it enough, and felt just guilty enough about not sharing the kit with my wife, that I ordered a 15-truffle sampler as soon as the virtual tasting was over. We have been splittin the truffles. And yes, it is probably stuff like this that allows her to tolerate my dumb ass.

So, do yourself a favor and head over to Chocolate Therapy and order you a box or three.

As for the truffle shuffle, I might have danced a little when the above box showed up.

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