Dear Future Self

This week’s episode of Brett Bartholomew’s Things Your Future Self Will Thank You For. It is the thought exercise used often that is simply, what do you believe you can do now that will pay off in the future. It’s something I’ve contemplated, but never actually committed to paper, or, digital paper.

  1. Making better food choices. Nothing groundbreaking, but I am metabolically broken and heading toward a rough last half of life. Improving my health will go a long way. I’ll throw consistent mobility work in here as well. Invest in your health.
  2. Keep reading. I believe in this as a development tool and have made it part of my daily habits the last few years.
  3. Stop collecting so much bullshit. Yes, that means Funkos, vinyl, cigars, whiskey, comics. This one is hard. I love collecting bullshit, and showing people all the bullshit I’ve collected. I make it part of my personality. I need to find something else for that. That being said, did you guys all see my newest Funko?

4. Stop being a dick when people disagree with you. It’s okay to have differences. Don’t be a dick when you do. That doesn’t mean avoiding debate. You learn from debate and having differences, but I default to “dick mode” when I do way too often.

5. Actually plan for retirement income. I’m 43. The days of “I’ll figure it out later” are long gone. I grew up poor and it took me a long time to catch up financially. See number 3 as well. That being said, for the first time in my adult life, the only debt I have is the mortgage. That just happened this year. With debt taken care, it is time to tackle savings. I currently have all my eggs in the New Mexico St +22 basket.

6. Go to the show.


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