Covid-19? More Like CoFit-19

I’m part of a health and fitness Facebook group my friend Kathy Book started a while back. It is a good community, full of recipes, workouts, interesting articles, questions, community, encouragement, and all that razzmajazz that helps one stay on the right path. Earlier today, Kathy posed the question–What is in your Coronovirus workout playlist? Well, my inner nerddom alarm started blaring. Music plus working out, with a theme? Yep, I’m in. I quickly thought of about 10 in the first 30 seconds. I started to post some videos in her post, but quickly knew “Weez, this needs to be … Continue reading Covid-19? More Like CoFit-19

Time For A Plan

5-feet, 6-inches, 265 pounds, 48.5-inch waist. Those are not good numbers. And it is beyond time to do something about it. So, it is time for a plan, and to implement that plan instead of just saying I’ll change and then doing nothing about it. I was doing well until last year. I took a promotion, adding a ton of hours. I quit teaching at the local gym. I got married. I turned 40. I used all of that as excuses. I got into the worst shape of my life. So, I am putting this here in the hopes ya’ll … Continue reading Time For A Plan