Covid Resource Center

I’ve decided to start collecting my Covid-related inputs, whether it be graphs I check, podcasts I listen to, articles I read. These will not be only things I agree with, or disagree with, or whatever. I just wanted a place to document my inputs. Some will be from the health angle, or fitness angle, or political angle. Some with be a conversation within a greater conversation. Basically, these are not endorsements, but inputs. Instead of multiple posts, I am just going to “collect” here. 7-day Rolling Average of Deaths Per MillionsDaily confirmed new cases (5-day moving average)538 Covid Projection ModelsShare … Continue reading Covid Resource Center

Setting Aside One Of My Natural Tendencies, Or At Least Trying To

I am a judgmental asshole. I know this. I don’t even try to work on that often, even knowing it is a big weak area I have. It is my natural inclination. It is a lot of our natural inclinations. I’m just a little more up front with it than most, I think. Which has probably enabled me to get away with more of than I should, if we were to dig deep into the “oh, that is just Weez being Weez” mindset. Watching the world on fire this week, I have been conscious of this tendency. I made the … Continue reading Setting Aside One Of My Natural Tendencies, Or At Least Trying To

A Glimpse Of Misguided Political Punditry and How It Can Shape Policy

I would assume most people who would read this have no clue who is John Solomon is. I didn’t either until the impeachment hearings last week. Solomon, a journalist for The Hill recently, and Fox News currently, it turns out has most likely played a key role in the conspiracy-peddling at the center of much of Trumpican missteps of late. That work is not under scrutiny since his named popped up a few times in testimony. The folks over at Politifact have an in-depth look at who he is and how he became a key player. It’s worth the read, … Continue reading A Glimpse Of Misguided Political Punditry and How It Can Shape Policy

From Nuts To Millions, How To Amplify The Crazy

I regularly listen to On The Media from WNYC, a podcast about how news is covered, deeper looks at topics and themes, etc. It is often inside baseball, but I enjoy it quite a bit. This week, they featured on their feed the latest episode of Trump Inc. This episode was “All The President’s Memes”, which took a look at the Doral convention full of conspiracy whack jobs. You know, the one with the Trump/Kingsmen video mash-up. The episode is full of names I am unfortunately very familiar with, due to them getting retweeted or shared frequently by people who … Continue reading From Nuts To Millions, How To Amplify The Crazy

The Re-Election Economy

It’s not news that President Trump has had historically poor performance approval rates, running pretty consistently at net negative-10. That is despite overall good scores on the economy, where he scores a net positive-10. The argument could easily be made that poor approval rate would be catastrophically bad if those approval rates on the economy dipped. Which lends to the point that the biggest threat to the 2020 re-election campaign is not any of the democrats, but the economy. And there has been volatility in that regard lately, due in part to the continued trade war with China, a trade … Continue reading The Re-Election Economy

The Anti-Mutombo

Dikembe Mutombo had 3, 289 career blocks in the NBA. Not bad. Also, not good when applied to social media accounts. There are my career block stats. Not as prolific. Or, I understand that if i say something on social media, I may have to explain it, or defend it. If your block lists don’t look like that, I’d venture a guess it says ways more about you than it does about the person you blocked. Official disclaimer: Ladies, I get there are some creepers out there who absolutely need blocked. This does not apply to that scenario. Instead, it … Continue reading The Anti-Mutombo