Covid-19? More Like CoFit-19

I’m part of a health and fitness Facebook group my friend Kathy Book started a while back. It is a good community, full of recipes, workouts, interesting articles, questions, community, encouragement, and all that razzmajazz that helps one stay on the right path.

Earlier today, Kathy posed the question–What is in your Coronovirus workout playlist?

Well, my inner nerddom alarm started blaring. Music plus working out, with a theme? Yep, I’m in. I quickly thought of about 10 in the first 30 seconds. I started to post some videos in her post, but quickly knew “Weez, this needs to be a Spotify list”, the modern version of the mixtape. (Yes, my inner dialogue occasionally veers into third person. Weez blames Rickey Henderson)

So, I started working on a list today. Songs of loneliness and isolation, songs about sickness (mental mostly, but screw it, my list my rules). Some are just similar enough sounding names. You know I love clever, even if cheezy, wordplay. Funny and punny are synonyms in my world.

Dr. Dre gets it.

Now, there are Covid related playlists out there already. Every one of them has R.E.M.’s It’s The End of the World As We Know It on it. I’m not going to include that one. There were also some like The Smith’s Panic, Joy Division’s Isolation, Alanis Morissette’s Hands Clean and Peggy Lee’s Fever that just didn’t fit the workout vibe. Other’s, like Future’s Mask Off, I just don’t like.

I decided to sort within the list by genre, since this is not a targeted list, genre wise. If you wanted a few rock songs, start at the beginning. Hip Hop is in the middle, pop at the end. Or, just hit shuffle if you don’t mind mixing it up.

The current list checks in at 2 hours, 20 minutes. The rock portion has a lot of songs with the word “sick” in them. In the hip hop, we have both Time To Get Ill and You Be Illin’. Trick Daddy gives us the best advice, “Take It To Da House”.

So, give this one a cruise, and hopefully you only feel hot after your workout, and not pull a Bad Influence, “Feeling Hot Hot Hot”.

Scroll through the list below and tell me what I should have added.


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