“I Guess The Party Ended”–Robert Earl Keen Walks The Floor

Chris Shiflett was a pleasant surprise for me a couple years ago. Not in a “who is this guy”. He plays in Foo Fighters, one of the biggest bands in the world, after all. No, the surprise was “this guy is legit in the Americana world” way.

Chris has a podcast called Walking The Floor, borrowing from Earnest Tubbs. He has awesome guest on a regular basis, a regular Who’s Who of the music world I tend to make my’s ears’ habitat.

This was was no exception (the correct use, Darrelle Revis), with the venerable Robert Earl Keene joining Chris for a live taping of the podcast.

He talks writing process, how he came up in Texas and then Nashville, and back; record labels; and more. The highlights were him talking about getting life advice from Steve Earle, always a dicey proposition; and a great story about a cowboy with a fun heckle after not playing The Road Goes On Forever one night.

Give it a listen. And subscribe to Chris’ show. Some fun stuff from many of the best in Americana. 154 episodes and counting.


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