Favorite Albums of 2020, 1-10

Continuing on in our look at my favorite albums of 2020. Previous posts:Albums 51-100Albums 41-50Albums 31-40Albums 21-30Albums 11-20 The first 50 was just a table list. The rest include short write-ups and videos of favorite tracks.* Note for those who … Continue reading Favorite Albums of 2020, 1-10

Branch on Fire: High West Campfire

I recently had half a bottle of this gifted to me by someone who likes bourbon but not scotch. Bonus for me, I’m equal opportunity with my whiskey. See, this one from High West is a blend of bourbon, rye and scotch. They don’t release the ratios, but the rye comes from High West, the bourbon from MGP and the scotch is an undisclosed source, due to contractual reasons they say. The whiskey was born when the High West distiller was visiting a B&B at Bruichladdich distillery and he tried a dessert that inspired him to mix the peaty scotch … Continue reading Branch on Fire: High West Campfire

WHYB: 2,500 and Counting

I recently hit a milestone of sorts. That is not 2,500 total beers, but 2,500 different beers since joining Untappd (a beer tracking social app) in 2012. Yes, my mother is so proud. Presumably. I remember years ago watching an English documentary about beer tickers. One dude was going for I believe his 10,000th lifetime beer, while another was chasing 1,000. I remember at the time thinking there would be no way I could ever get to a 1,000 while living in Fairfield, the land of two hours from anything. Well, that was in the early days of the craft … Continue reading WHYB: 2,500 and Counting

NFL Draftkings Week 16

Here is what I’m looking at this week. Here is what I’m rolling with this week. There is enough value out there you can pay up to Mahomes at QB this week, but I’m going with Hurts and that rushing upside against the Dallas D. And then we have a bunch of guys I keep playing in the wrong weeks–David Johnson, Tim Patrick, DJ Moore. They have all had good weeks, seemingly anytime I don’t play them. So my solution apparently is just to always play. Godert is my hurts stack as that salary has come down on him. And … Continue reading NFL Draftkings Week 16

Branch On Fire: Buchanan’s Deluxe 12

It’s time I start writing up some of the swill I’m pouring into my body, so consider this the first in a new series here at IAW. I have a shelf full of whiskey, about half scotch and half bourbon. This blended scotch was the newest addition to the shelf, a Christmas present this year. Most of my scotch is single malt, but I do drink blended on occasion, including one of the price point competitors for this one, Monkey Shoulder. Buchanan’s is an 80-proof blend that has been around for several years now. For bourbon drinkers who think scotch … Continue reading Branch On Fire: Buchanan’s Deluxe 12