NFL Draftkings Week 16

Here is what I’m looking at this week.

Here is what I’m rolling with this week.

There is enough value out there you can pay up to Mahomes at QB this week, but I’m going with Hurts and that rushing upside against the Dallas D. And then we have a bunch of guys I keep playing in the wrong weeks–David Johnson, Tim Patrick, DJ Moore. They have all had good weeks, seemingly anytime I don’t play them. So my solution apparently is just to always play. Godert is my hurts stack as that salary has come down on him.

And I have the Chargers past and present in a matchup with each other at RB/Flex.

And here is a little trick I’ve been doing for a couple years now. I am in the championship of my year-long dynasty. I’m an underdog after Mike Evans went off yesterday. So I take as much of my opponents’ starting lineup as possible and throw it in a GPP. I figure if I’m going to get beat in the championship, maybe some of those guys can make me some money in a tournament.

So, here is that lineup:

My championship opponent has Watson, Chubb, Dobbins, Hill and Diontay Johnson. The rest was cheap guys I had to go with to get under budget. That there was only room for cheap guys does not bode well for my championship odds.

Happy hunting.


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