WHYB: 2,500 and Counting

I recently hit a milestone of sorts.

That is not 2,500 total beers, but 2,500 different beers since joining Untappd (a beer tracking social app) in 2012. Yes, my mother is so proud. Presumably.

I remember years ago watching an English documentary about beer tickers. One dude was going for I believe his 10,000th lifetime beer, while another was chasing 1,000. I remember at the time thinking there would be no way I could ever get to a 1,000 while living in Fairfield, the land of two hours from anything. Well, that was in the early days of the craft beer explosion. Things have changed.

Now granted, many of those 2,500 were not full beers. Many were from bottle share–a group of friends getting together and sampling each other’s stuff. This is the most enjoyable way to do craft beer. It pays be to social sometimes. Those have slowed down this year for obvious reasons, but still happen on occasion.

I have decided to start posting some of my craft beer stuff on here more often, because hey, why not? You can’t have the Weez of IamWeez with the beer, right? So, in addition to other reviews, here comes the beer one: WHYB: Water Hops Yeast Barley.

So, This Week In WHYB.

The latest share.

Lots of juicies and sours in this group.

The Ratings

4.5–450 North Sapphires + Rubies, Phase Three Double Nectar Mango/Passion Fruit/Key Lime
4.25–Phase Three DDH Galaxy/Citra/El Dorado Double Creme, Hop Butcher Value of Midnight, 450 North Pixie Dust Slushy XL
4–Narrow Gauge Begin Anew #2, Narrow Gauge Meersalz Pommegranate/Passionfruit)
3.5–Equilibrium Strawberry Zeppelin
NR–Maplewood Dropping Citra

The Pics

As you can see in the pics, these are colorful, juicy beers. The highlights were that 450 North Sapphires + Rubies and the Double Nectar. 450 North (Indianapolis) specializes in the fruited sours, and this was one of my favorites I have had yet. You just have to be very careful with transporting and chilling these. They are prone to explosion due to the amount of fruit in them. And the Double Nectar series from Phase Three (Chicago) is always good, and this is one of the better varieties. A couple of years ago, that Hop Butcher Value of Midnight would have blown my mind. It is a very good juicy IPA. The fact that it is an “also drank” now just goes show how spoiled I have gotten in the last couple of years. (Shoutout to BeerMom!)

The only so-so one of the night was the Strawberry Zeppelin from Equilibrium, which was dryer than expected and virtually no strawberry.


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