Favorite Albums of 2020, 51-100

Before podcasts took over much of my time, my goal every year was to rank 100 albums a year. I have not come close to that the last 2-3 years, usually finishing around 50. Well, I got to 101 this year. Thanks Covid.

I’m going to split up my list this year into a few different posts, as I’m calling what I have so far my final list, but haven’t started writing anything up. For the first entry, I’m simply listing my albums 51-100. I plan to write a little more as I get higher on the list.

The ratings to the right are an average rating (1-10) of each track, for the album. My bell curve is fat in that 5.5 range, as I don’t give anything that isn’t I’ve Gotta Feeling one star and 9-10s are super rare as well. Only a few a year. For these, I’m simply going by that rating, not moving anything around arbitrarily. I tend to do that later in the list.

51The War and TreatyHearts Town5.58
52DawesGood Luck With Whatever5.56
53Caylee HammackIf It Wasn’t For You5.54
54Sadler VadenAnybody Out There?5.5
55Bob DylanRough and Rowdy Ways5.5
56DionBlues With Friends5.5
57Nicholas JamersonWild Frontier5.5
58CordovasDestiny Hotel5.5
59Brian FallonLocal Honey5.5
60FruitionBroken at the Break Of Day5.43
61Lucinda WilliamsGood Souls Better Angles5.42
62Shemekia CopelandUncivil War5.42
63EminemMusic To Be Murdered By5.41
64David RamirezMy Love Is A Hurricane5.4
65The Allman Betts BandBless Your Heart5.38
66R.A. The Rugged ManAll My Heroes Are Dead5.37
67Jamie WyattNeon Cross5.36
68Lilly HiattWalking Proof5.36
69Aubrie SellersFar From Home5.33
70Zephaniah O’HoraListening To Music5.33
71Pokey LaFargeRock Bottom Rhapsody5.3
72Megan Thee StallionGood News5.23
73Giovannie and the Hired GunsGiovannie and the Hired Guns5.2
74Maceo ParkerSoul Food: Cooking With Maceo5.2
75Corb LundAgricultural Tragic5.16
76Koe WetzelSellout5.09
77Waylon PayneBlue Eyes…5.08
78John CraigieAsterisks The World5
79Karen JonasThe Southwest Sky and other Dreams5
80Brennen LeighPrairie Love Lettter5
81Jay ElectronicaA Written Testimony5
82The ChicksGaslighter4.92
83The Nude PartyMidnight Manor4.92
84Robert CrayThat’s What I Heard4.92
86The JayhawksXoxo4.83
87Teddy ThompsonHeartbreaker Please4.8
88Josh RitterSee Here, I Have Built You a Mansion4.75
89Twisted PineRight Now4.7
90Nathaniel RateliffAnd It’s Still Arlight4.7
91Joe ElyLove In The Midst Of Mayhem4.7
92Justin WellsThe United State4.7
93Joachim CooderOver That Road I’m Bound4.67
94Kodak BlackBill Israel4.64
95Sierra Hull25 Trips4.58
96Muscadine BloodlinesBurn it at Both Ends4.55
97Sarah JarozWorld On The Ground4.5
98Courtney Marie AndrewsOld Flowers4.5
99John Calvin AbneyFamiliar Ground4.44
100Paul McCartneyMcCartney III4

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