Branch On Fire: Buchanan’s Deluxe 12

It’s time I start writing up some of the swill I’m pouring into my body, so consider this the first in a new series here at IAW. I have a shelf full of whiskey, about half scotch and half bourbon. This blended scotch was the newest addition to the shelf, a Christmas present this year.

Most of my scotch is single malt, but I do drink blended on occasion, including one of the price point competitors for this one, Monkey Shoulder.

Buchanan’s is an 80-proof blend that has been around for several years now. For bourbon drinkers who think scotch is too smoky or peaty, this is a good one to try, as those notes are subtle in this one. It is smooth without a lot of burn and drinks well neat. It doesn’t need a cube or water drop to tamp it down. Considering it features whiskey’s from multiple distillers, and most likely regions, it melds into a smooth drink without a ton of complexity. Caramel and orange on the mouth, with very slight smoke and pepper on the back end.

For an average of $30 a bottle, its decent value and an acceptable transition scotch for bourbon guys wanting to branch out.

Rating: 83.


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