Wayne. No, not Shreve.

A coming of age/dark-ish comedy originally aired on Youtube Premius in 2019, the television show Wayne eventually landed on my Watchlist I keep in my to-do list app. Seriously, I have no idea how or why I put it in the list, but tells more about the length of my Watchlist than anything. I’m guessing the “From the writers of Deadpool” on the show poster would have been enough for me to add it to my list whenever I did.

All of that is to say, when I started watching Wayne, I had no idea what it was, so I went in completely blind here. I didn’t even realize until about halfway through that it had been cancelled after one season.

The show is centered around two teenage outcasts who find each other and run from their lives and problems at home. They head to the land of perpetual headlines–Florida.

Mark McKenna is Wayne, and Ciara Bravo is Del Lucetti, daughter of Dean Winter’s Bobby Luccetti. If Mr. Mayhem had a family, the Lucettis are exactly what you would picture. This may have been some type-casting here.

Spanning 10 episodes in its one-and-done season, the show does a good job of making Wayne and Del extremely likeable, even in all their messed up ways. It would have been easy for this to have come off as whiny teenage angst, but they never went there. Instead, they make the two teens on the run believable as the only sane ones in the world. Those of us that like to fancy ourselves as the product of depraved childhoods probably don’t touch these two.

Quite often violent and occasionally cringey, the show is mostly grounded despite that. They leave the over-the-top ridiculousness for the Florida part of the show. And I’m always up for a good Florida joke. It’s like an entire state of Eldorado.

I enjoyed this season, and I didn’t mind the openness of the ending. It doesn’t give closure in the end, but I don’t know that it needed too. Without spoiling too much, let’s just say by the end, you assume it will work out, and I’m guessing a second season would have required the typical contrivances to delay that inevitably which can often get annoying.

Would recommend.

Up next: Marvel 616, a documentary series.


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