TV: Warrior Nun Review

Netflix’s algorithm does a pretty good job of spitting out recommendations for you based on previous watch habits. So, it really should not surprise anyone when it tells me to check out a show about a religious female fighting badass based on a comic book. So, it made the list.

Warrior Nun is based on a comic book character created by Ben Dunn, and the Netflix series spans 10 episodes. It begins with the death of Ava Silva and then gets weird from there, following the rebirth of Silva, played by Portuguese actress Alba Baptista. Much of it is filmed and occurs in Europe, mainly Spain.

The show how less “badass chick fighting” than the previews implied, but what it did go heavy on was the religious mythology built around the fictional Order of the Cruciform Sword. The order of nuns have been tasked with a centuries-long protection detail built around a perversion of the Catholic religion. And this is where the show finds its sweet spot, exploring the real, the demonic and the truth vs. lies of the church. Imagine Da Vinci Code with more hand-to-hand combat and mysticism, plus some super powers.

I will admit, 4-5 episodes in and I was checking to see how many episodes were left. It was just enough to keep me going. But by the last couple of episodes, I was plugging along with anticipation.

Warrior Nun has been picked up for a second season, something I assume they knew when the ended season one, based on how it ended. I won’t say too much about that, other than to say I really enjoyed what they did with Adriel’s story.

Warrior Nun is pulling a 70% on Rotten Tomatoes. That is probably about right, but I would got closer to 78-80 with the admission this is more in my wheelhouse than most others’. The closest contemporary comparison would be Wu Assassins, which had much better fights but Warrior Nun has a slightly better mythology.


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