TV: Barry

HBO’s Barry apparently was not about this guy:

So that was disappointing.

No, Barry is a Bill Hader vehicle in which the SNL alum plays it straight as a (possibly) psychotic hitman, struggling with the morality of his profession. It is still called a comedy, but a dark one, and by the end of season two, a very dark one. There have been two seasons so far, 16 total episodes.

The show follows Barry (Hader) on his journey from efficient hitman to wannabe actor in a troupe of wannabes. Stephen Root plays the mentor, and walks around doing Stephen Rooty things, which is always entertaining. Sarah Goldberg plays the love interest, Sally. It’s a relationship that mostly misses my interest thus far, but that could be by design at this point. It can be hard to tell in a dark comedy at times. Henry Winkler is fun as the acting coach, teetering between believable coach or scammer.

The breakthrough star in a supporting role, however, is this guy:

Ladies and gentleman, I give you NoHo Hank, played by Anthony Carrigan. Carrigan is a scene stealer in just about every scene he is in. In a dark show playing it mostly straight, NoHo Hank provides the flamboyance in very fun ways.

There is a lot of good stuff on HBO Max. Still, if you have this service I would move this near the top of the list. It’s a quick, enjoyable watch.


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