Take The Points 8-2-19

As some of you may know, Wabash Catch TV does a weekly sports talk show in the Friday morning slot of Big Talk with Bruce Dickey. I am a mostly regular guest on the show. We put zero show prep work into it, we shoot it live, we typically decide during commercial breaks what we are going to talk about next (sorry Bruce, probably wasn’t supposed to admit that), and I thoroughly enjoy it every time. Just a few buddies sitting around jibbering and jaberring about what ever comes to mind.

This week’s show:
Community events–2:11
National Holidays–Ice Cream Sandwich, IPA Day, International Beer Day 8:30
MLB Trade Deadline 16:20
MLB Fight/Suspensions from Reds/Pirates, Favorite past fights 27:38
NFL Preseason Gambling 36:15
College Football/Kliff Kingsbury 46:20
Once Upon A Time In…Hollywood review 52:20


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