Take The Points–Oct. 9, 2020

Here is this week’s episode of Take The Points, on Wabash TV. Bruce and and the return of Jamey Hodges this week after the conclusion of the junior high baseball seasson.

0:00–Intro, community calendar, national holidays

6:40–Y-Fairfield’s Film on the Fairway: Caddyshack

18:40–MLB Playoffs

28:10–AFC Recap

36:10–NFC Recap

41:30–NFL Bets

49:40–College Football Recap

54:30–College Bets

Season To Date Results

Weez: NCAA 5-2, NFL 5-2, Overall 10-4, Superdog 20.
Bruce: NCAA 5-2, NFL 4-4, Overall 9-6, Superdog 0.
Jamey: NCAA 4-4, NFL 4-4, Overall 8-8, Superdog 4.
Lucas: NCAA 5-3, NFL 3-5, Overall 8-8, Superdog 18.5
Overall: NCAA 19-11, NFL 16-15, Overall: 35-26.

This Week’s Best Bets

NFLPanthers/Falcons O53.5Dolphins +9Falcons/Panthers O53.5Texans -6
NFLBrowns +2Bengals +12Colts/Browns U46.5Cowboys/Giants U54.5
NCAACitadel +29Florida -6.5Houston/Tulane O59.5Texas/OK O72
NCAATennessee +12.5Tennessee +12.5Louisville -4.5Notre Dame -20.5 \
SuperdogVa Tech +4Georgia Tech +5Boston College +6Kansas St +8.5

Post Week Results

Weez: NCAA 6-3, NFL 6-3, Overall 12-6, Superdog 20.
Bruce: NCAA 5-4, NFL 5-5, Overall 10-9, Superdog 5.
Jamey: NCAA 5-5, NFL 4-6, Overall 9-11, Superdog 10.
Lucas: NCAA 6-4, NFL 4-6, Overall 10-10, Superdog 27.
Overall: NCAA 22-16, NFL 19-20, Overall 41-36.

Remember, Take The Points…fade the picks.


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