Training Log: March 23-29, 2020

Here is the first of what I am hoping are weekly training updated. Working from home due to Covid-19 protocols, I got some training in every day this week. Monday, March 23, 2020 Mobility: BSquat 2:10 / 15 Incline Pushups … Continue reading Training Log: March 23-29, 2020

An Unlikely Source For A Broadway Music Tribute?

I have two music subscriptions–Spotify and Sirius XM. The majority of my XM listening is to the Vegas Sports Information Network (VSIN), a channel devoted entirely too sports gambling. That is probably 90 percent of my XM use. The other 10 percent is still mostly Outlaw Country, the station started by Steven Van Zandt several years back. Of that 10 percent, probably 90 percent of my listening there is the Steve Earle Show, which airs every weekend. I tend to catch the on demand version on Sundays. This week, Steve did an entire hour dedicated to Broadway musicals. Yes, an … Continue reading An Unlikely Source For A Broadway Music Tribute?

Covid-19? More Like CoFit-19

I’m part of a health and fitness Facebook group my friend Kathy Book started a while back. It is a good community, full of recipes, workouts, interesting articles, questions, community, encouragement, and all that razzmajazz that helps one stay on the right path. Earlier today, Kathy posed the question–What is in your Coronovirus workout playlist? Well, my inner nerddom alarm started blaring. Music plus working out, with a theme? Yep, I’m in. I quickly thought of about 10 in the first 30 seconds. I started to post some videos in her post, but quickly knew “Weez, this needs to be … Continue reading Covid-19? More Like CoFit-19

Louisiana Derby Bets

With the sports world coming to a halt last week, so did my sports gambling, obviously. I have yet to dive into Russian basketball, but the withdrawals may be kicking in soon. Luckily, there is some horse racing to tide me over. The Louisiana Derby is in a few hours, running at Fair Grounds. The race has a new distance this year, moving to 1 3/16 miles, matching the Preakness distance. Of the 14 horses, eight are locals, as well as a son of American Pharoah. The Odds Favorite Of the 14, Enforceable enters as the favorite in the morning … Continue reading Louisiana Derby Bets

College Basketball Power Rankings

It’s college basketball tournament time, with the conference tournaments underway, and March Madness right around the corner. I will not be making my annual trek to Vegas this year, as I have a Boston work trip next week. And Illinois did not get anyone with mobile betting up just yet, which means if I want to make any legal wagers, I’m driving to Indiana again. Still, I finally got a chance to sit down and work on some power rankings. I have a top 64 for now. I will sit down next weekend and power rate each NCAA Tournament team, … Continue reading College Basketball Power Rankings