Meet Cosmo, Our New Dog

My wife and I own two cats. I’m not really a cat person. I always considered myself more of a dog person, even though I have never owned one as an adult. We had a few in my childhood, but nothing longterm. Still, I thought of myself as a dog person, despite that whole pesky fact of owning two cats (three at one point) and no dogs.

My wife grew up on a farm. They always had dogs. She loves dogs. I loved playing with the dogs on her farm. When we started dating, she would occasionally try to talk me into getting a dog. I wasn’t home enough. My old job often required being gone 10-12 hours at a time.

When she moved in, the push for me to get a dog died down. We both knew neither one of us was home much. We wanted one, but again, never home.

Well, I finally changed jobs last summer. I’m still working the old one part time, but on my schedule. I’m home a little more often now. So, I started keeping an eye on the local Humane Society pages. I’d show pictures to Sarah every now and then. She would say things like “ah cute, we still don’t need a dog though” and such. Enough times, enough pictures, and I think it became evident to both of us this was happening.

We agreed on what we were looking for. Something small or medium, an indoor dog, something more laid back than hyper. A lap dog we can take on walks. And, someone who won’t terrorize the cats.

So, earlier this week, the Wayne County Humane Society posted a beagle/fox hound mix, guessed at about a year old. My first dog as a kid was a beagle. Sarah’s brother raises fox hounds. The post said good with cats, mild mannered. So, Thursday, I came home from work and picked Sarah up. We went and asked to see him.

He was timid, almost skittish, but that is to be expected. He was in a pound and meeting new people. He didn’t bark or yelp. He just observed, skeptically. I was expecting to go home and debate with my wife on whether or not this was happening. And then I turned around and she was paying the adoption fee. She always did fall in love quicker than I did, I guess.

The pound was calling him Milo, but I’m not a fan of that name, so I convinced Sarah to let me change it Cosmo, named after the telepathic russian astronaut golden retriever in the Marvel world, most notably in adventures with the Guardians of the Galaxy. If anyone has an astronaut helmet that will fit him, let me know.

So, meet Cosmo.

We are two days in with Cosmo now and we still haven’t heard a bark from him. An occasional wimper. He is still super timid. He won’t jump in your lap, but he will stay there if you pick him up and put him there. The cats are still avoiding him, and he seems to be okay with that. He leaves them alone. He seems almost sad still. We wonder if there has been some abuse at some point. Sarah says he has “an old soul” and she is probably right. She usually is. He acts much older than a one-year-old dog. Hopefully familiarity, diet and exercise will pep him up a bit.

We did take him out to my work (a home office) to meet Teddy, my co-worker’s dog. They got along great. I plan on taking Cosmo out to work with me every now and then. I do short walks out by the golf course throughout the day. Teddy usually tags along. I think they will be buddies.

Agility drills with Teddy. We have to work on that hip dip and drive, Cosmo.

..and the Turners’ First Dog adventures begin. I’m looking forward to them.


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