Fab (Thirty) Five Friday–Oppression and Understanding

I had four of my five videos for my weekly feature picked out this morning. But, as I watch the news all day from Minneapolis, and see some truly disheartening Facebook comments this week, my mind has drifted to things I am incapable of feeling. Things the people who don’t look like me are talking about. Things that have been there for years, no matter how much those of us on Caucasian Island want to pretend they are not. Those who know me, most of my feeling, and a good amount of thought processing, is done through music. So, I … Continue reading Fab (Thirty) Five Friday–Oppression and Understanding

N-1: The Classic Material

My friend Tommy Kent shared a post on Facebook this evening that is some targeted marketing on Facebook, and extremely tempting at that. It was a face mask featuring some of hip hop’s most famous tape and CD spines. Yeah, the purchase finger got real itchy. So, instead of insta-buying, I went to work in Spotify throwing these classics all into one playlist, including the additional albums on the shirt versions. This will be my work music for the next week or so, in all likelihood, and a workout list for much longer than that. The playlist is 35 hours … Continue reading N-1: The Classic Material

Songs You Would Like To See Become Movies

I was listening to Robert Earl Keen’s The Road Goes On Forever again today and it got me thinking. We have had several songs become full length movies in the past. What songs are out there that weren’t already movies would you like to see get made. I’m talking in the vain of Ode To Billy Joe, Harper Valley PTA, Alice’s Restaurant, Convoy, etc. Also, I still need to see The Indian Runner, based on Highway Patrolman. The Road Goes On Forever would make my list, of course. I have previously discussed with a few the need for a movie … Continue reading Songs You Would Like To See Become Movies

Training Log–Kaizen May 11-17, 2020

Monday, May 11, 2020 Walk: 3.0 Miles SPSPH 3×10 Cleans 5×95, 3×135, 2×155, 1×175, 5x1x195 Band Assisted Pullups 5xStrong/11, 2x5xStrong/10 Podcast: Primal Blueprint: Dr. Gary E. Foresman on Covid-19 and Supplementation Podcast: Healthy Rebellion Radio: Frontiers of Cancer and Autoimmune Therapy with Scotty Nelson and Ed Clay  Podcast: Power Athlete Radio: YOUR DREAM SPEED COACH, DEREK HANSEN Tuesday, May 12, 2020 Walk: 2.98 Miles Prowler 6x 25 yards x 50#, Every 1:40. Mobility: BSQuat 3x3RAPGD + 3RAP Wednesday, May 13, 2020 Walk: 2.97 Miles Mobility: BSQuat / Saddle / lacrosse ball forearm smash / hip flexor SPSPH 3×10 Deadlifts 5×135, … Continue reading Training Log–Kaizen May 11-17, 2020