Fab (Thirty) Five Friday–Oppression and Understanding

I had four of my five videos for my weekly feature picked out this morning. But, as I watch the news all day from Minneapolis, and see some truly disheartening Facebook comments this week, my mind has drifted to things I am incapable of feeling. Things the people who don’t look like me are talking about. Things that have been there for years, no matter how much those of us on Caucasian Island want to pretend they are not.

Those who know me, most of my feeling, and a good amount of thought processing, is done through music. So, I turned to music once again today, spending time in my head on sympathy and action. The why and the why not behind it all.

The anger, the despair, the hope, the hope dashed…in their words.

Here are this week’s 35 songs worth listening to.



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