Kaizen; Training Log, Nov. 23-29, 2020

Hello prowler, my old friend. About the only thing new this week was the reintroduction of the prowler for some conditioning. This is not an ideal addition three weeks out from a meet, but it is what it is as … Continue reading Kaizen; Training Log, Nov. 23-29, 2020

NFL Draftkings Week 12

Here is what I’m looking at this week. Just cash for me this week as I got a late start and won’t get a chance to look at low ownership plays. Thanks to value found throughout today, I was able to pay up at QB for Mahomie and at RB with Cook and TE with Kelce. All of those guys will be around 30 percent owned, but it is a rare week you can afford all three and be comfortable elsewhere. Hill and Hines are lower dollar guys getting opportunities with backfield mates out–Gurley in Atlanta and Taylor in Indy. … Continue reading NFL Draftkings Week 12

Netflix’ Home Game–Bizarreness Worth Traveling To Your Couch For

A few years back, Dhani Jones, a former NFL linebacker, had a show on Travel Channel called Dhani Tackles The Globe. Dhani was charismatic and athletic, but the draw to the show was getting to see sports from other countries: rugby, muay thai. dragon boat racing, etc. Netflix’ Home Game is a documentary series that has a similar draw, without the central host. What it does do is crank up the peculiar nature of what international sports can be, compared to what we think of here in the States. Home Game is an eight-episode series, with each 30-minute installment looking … Continue reading Netflix’ Home Game–Bizarreness Worth Traveling To Your Couch For

NFL Draftkings Week 11

Apologies on not getting this up before the noon kickoffs. I got a workout in this morning and am running behind. Here is what I’m looking at this week. Just cash for me this week. I’ll go on record as saying Jameis Winston probably should have gotten the starting nod over Taysom Hill. I don’t think Hill works as a fulltime quarterback. But, if they are rolling with him, I’m gonna bank on him getting enough rushing yards to make is usable as a cheap QB. Cook will be highly owned, Gibson medium-owned in the 5-10% range. Tyler Boyd will … Continue reading NFL Draftkings Week 11

TV: Warrior Nun Review

Netflix’s algorithm does a pretty good job of spitting out recommendations for you based on previous watch habits. So, it really should not surprise anyone when it tells me to check out a show about a religious female fighting badass based on a comic book. So, it made the list. Warrior Nun is based on a comic book character created by Ben Dunn, and the Netflix series spans 10 episodes. It begins with the death of Ava Silva and then gets weird from there, following the rebirth of Silva, played by Portuguese actress Alba Baptista. Much of it is filmed … Continue reading TV: Warrior Nun Review

NFL Draftkings Week 10

Here is what I’m looking at this week. Two line-ups once again. On the left is my cash lineup, with GPP on the right. Rolling once again with the rookie QB in both lineups. This is a high-risk, low ownership play as he should be less than five percent owned against a top 10 pass defense from the Dolphins. Mike Davis is almost autoplay at that price with McCaffery out again. And then I’m counting on the Packers and Steelers. I have Jones/Adams in both lineups, as well as Diontay Johnson. Then, in my GPP, I double up on Pittsburgh … Continue reading NFL Draftkings Week 10