Fab Five Friday–Nov. 20, 2020

Here are this week’s five songs worth listening to.

Reckless Kelly–Fightin’ For

A tribute album for a guy still well in his prime? Yep. Welcome to 2020. Musicfest is putting out a tribute to Cody Canada, lead man for Cross Canadian Ragweed and the Departed. Cody has played the festival 19 years and is a huge part of its success. The album called simply The Years, has its first single from good friends of Cody’s, Reckless Kelly. The full album will have 17 live track albums from a pair of January shows.


1. “Constantly” – Parker McCollum
2. “Bang My Head” – Copper Chief (featuring Cody Canada)
3. “Don’t Need You” – Read Southall Band
4. “Fightin’ For” – Reckless Kelly
5. “17” – Jamie Lin Wilson (featuring Dierks Canada)
6. “This Time Around” – Randy Rogers
7. “42 Miles” – Casey Donahew
8. “Sick and Tired” – Wade Bowen (featuring Jamie Lin Wilson)
9. “Carney Man” – Mike McClure
10. “Breakdown” – Bruce Robison
11. “Alabama” – Courtney Patton
12. “Johnny’s Song” – William Clark Green
13. “On a Cloud” – Doug Moreland
14. “Run to Me” – Bri Bagwell
15. “Broken” – Stoney LaRue (featuring Cody Canada)
16. “Dead Man” – Jade Marie Patek
17. “The Years” – BJ Barham of American Aquarium

Yeah, that one is going to get a ton of spin (is that still a thing?) when it comes out in early 2021.

Run The Jewels–No Save Point

I have a couple of tracks in my lists that are featured heavily in new video games. This one from the best rap duo in the game is from Cyberpunk 2077. There is also an IPA beer series to go with the song I really, really need to find. Seriously, in other times, I would drive 5-6 hours to find this beer. Yeah, I’m that guy. Also, the video is cool. Ya’ll remember actual videos, right? 106 & Park, where you at?

Wiser men than us have been crushed to find dust.

Zach Bryan–Cold, Damn Vampires

Zach put up a video last week of Cold, Damn Vampires, where he is sitting on a boat and singing what one would assume is a metaphor of Nashville and the machine within. He then took the video down and replaced it with a new one, sitting instead in an attic. The intro he gives here is just perfect and encapsulates who he is as a young artist. He is still figuring things out, and doing so in real time, unashamed to do it in front of us. And that brilliant takedown of the music industry? Nope. He was pissed at Verizon. Even better.

Cordovas–Do More Good

Sometimes you just need a simple reminder to do more good, in melodic form. Cordovas’ Destiny Hotel dropped last month. From Nashville, largely composed in Mexico and recorded in LA, and it has a feel to it that actually makes all that make sense.

The meek and the mild, the weak and the wild, the ones who won’t speak this mean to a child.
Those who have lived with their feet to the fire everyday of their miserable jailin’
Hey, I love them all, ain’t gonna quit, and that goes double for you
Gonna do more good, talk less shit, and that is about all I can do.

Jaden–I’m Ready

Listen, this isn’t here because of the song. It’s meh, although I could see me adding it to a random workout playlist. I’m including this because I’m really tempted to spring for the PS5 just so I can play this Miles Morales game. It’s looks so slick. Granted, my last game system was the PS2 and that was mostly for Madden. I suck at video games that don’t involve football or shooting space thingies with a triangle. But, this game…man.

Also, I wanted to show off my newest Funko.

We’ll be back with five more next week. Until then, remember the immortal words…
“Songs are really just interesting things to be doing with the air.” Tom Waits


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