NFL Draftkings Week 11

Apologies on not getting this up before the noon kickoffs. I got a workout in this morning and am running behind. Here is what I’m looking at this week.

Just cash for me this week.

I’ll go on record as saying Jameis Winston probably should have gotten the starting nod over Taysom Hill. I don’t think Hill works as a fulltime quarterback. But, if they are rolling with him, I’m gonna bank on him getting enough rushing yards to make is usable as a cheap QB. Cook will be highly owned, Gibson medium-owned in the 5-10% range. Tyler Boyd will be heavier used this week as well. Thielen is a high floor guy in case Johnson gets outshined by Claypool again. And Hockenson has been a quiet, steady TE this year, cracking the top 5 in year-long scoring.

Happy hunting.


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