NFL Confidence Pools Week 1

For those of you who do NFL confidence pick ’em pools, I’m going to list these weekly here. I prefer the confidence pool over the straight pick ’em. I would love to get into an ATS pool, but don’t have any of those available locally.

Here are the safe pick rankings. Safe wins smaller pools.

at Philadelphia16
at Seattle15
at Dallas14
at New Orleans13
at LA Chargers11
at Cleveland10
at New England9
at Minnesota8
Kansas City7
at Chicago6
at NY Jets5
LA Rams3
at Tampa Bay1

If you need to differentiate (think larger pool of players), the spot I like the most in this format is Buffalo over the New York Jets. The Jets have a ton of turnover this year on their staff. The bottom two games are basically pick ’ems and picks will be split.

I’m also probably fading Chicago a fair amount this year, and Green Bay is tempting, but I’m just shy of pulling that trigger.


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