Fantasy Draft Recap

I know, no one cares about my fantasy league. Still, here it is.

I had pick seven, Kiss My Asomughas. Waddup Nnamdi!

At almost no point in this draft was I taking the top guy on my board, even in the first couple of rounds. When I took David Johnson, I had Davante Adams at the top. When I took Kerryon Johnson, I had Mike Evans at the top. But, I liked those 3rd/4th round receivers much more than the running back, so I went old-school RB/RB early. Plus, when I suck, you can call my team baby powder, because I got Johnson & Johnson. I should have taken Duke later.

The FantasyPros software liked my draft. Now, the software you use should like your draft, but trust me, I’ve had years where my own software would have me third or fourth. Don’t ask me how I could pull that off.

And this is a decent way to see where your strengths are for your starters.


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