Sturgill Simpson’s Fire & Fury: A New Way To Consume Art, And I’m On Board

Billed as a visual album, country rocker Sturgill Simpson released last week what I hope becomes an actual thing going forward. Part anime, part new album, all kickass, Sound & Fury is just a fun, new way to do things. That Sturgill took the leap is not a surprise at all. The dude gives zero shits what most of us mere mortals think. And I love him for that. Pigeon-hole this man at your own peril.

The film follows an inscrutable samurai driver on a path to a showdown with the big bads of a post-apocalyptic world. With a skater rock intermission, I guess.

I had heard a couple of songs before the film and full album were released simultaneously Friday. But I waited to get a chance to see the film before consuming the album in full. This is the way I would recommend doing this. Frankly, the album won’t make sense without seeing the companion piece. It barely makes sense with it. And that’s okay. It’s still fun.

When Sturgill released Metamodern Sounds In Country Music, I joked it was the first country album that made you consider taking acid. Sound & Fury almost necessitates it. Or at last a fat doobie. I don’t think it is coincidental that Sturgill put this out about the same time marijuana legalization is taking off. This is the new Pink Floyd/Wizard of Oz, but cooler, and somehow weirder, mixed with Shooter Jennings’ Black Ribbons.

Long live industrial samurai country, and long live the king of Shit Mountain. I’m just glad the dude can afford those mopar parts, even if he can’t rhyme anything with Bronco.

So, head over to Netflix and give it a shot. It’s only 41 minutes long. And if it wasn’t obvious from above, it is TV-MA.


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