Podcast Nook: The Wire at 20, by Method Man

Not a book, but getting filed here on the blog because that is how I treat serial podcasts these days.

The Wire at 20 is an eight-episode look back at what I consider the best TV show of my lifetime, 20 years after its debut on HBO. Hosted by Method Man, who played Cheese in The Wire, the series interviews cast and creators, looking back at the show from the start, to the impact it has still had on both the crew and the fans two decades later.

While Method Man is the narrator, The Cheese does not stand alone here, as this series is mostly a collection of interview guests, with each episode centered around a show theme. Themes that included how the cast was set, Baltimore as a character, the family they built over the years, the legacy of Michael Kenneth Williams (Omar), the season four kids and the social commentary interlaced throughout five seasons of incredible drama.

The Wire at 20 is a fun adventure down memory lane for anyone who watched all five seasons. If you have not watched all five seasons of The Wire, then consider yourself merely an acquaintance of mine, since we are not truly friends. The podcast series includes both member berries and new trivia of some of the behind-the-scenes stuff that went into the sausage making. Well worth the time for fans of the show.


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