For The Love Of…

A good book. Today is National Book Lover’s Day. Most of the “National Day of…” stuff is silly, but I’ll bite on this one. For a poor kid from a small town, books were a vacation, a resource, and teacher and so on.

So, let’s have it. What is your favorite book you have read? The one you loved the most.

My pick for mine seems to be an odd pick, according the the reactions I tend to get when I tell people. But Homer’s Iliad is my pick.

Combining early literature, mythology, geography, adventure, fantasy, I’m really surprised I get so much surprise when this is my answer. As I type this, I am feeling the urge to go back and reread a new translation now. My backlog of books is enormous right now though. I tend to buy faster than I read. I mean, hell, I just brought these back from Iceland.

So, what is the book that made you a book lover?


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