Lady Mules Tennis Takes Fifth In Robinson Tournament

The Fairfield Lady Mules traveled to Robinson Saturday for tennis tournament action, finishing fifth out of eight teams, with a unique scoring system for the day of play.

Each of the eight teams, which included two jayvee squads, had four entries each—two singles and two doubles teams. Each team played 196 games and received one point for each win.

Host Robinson won with 153 points, followed by: Newton 133, Paris 113, Centralia 105, Fairfield 90, Charleston 85, Paris JV 61, and Robinson JV 45.

Fairfield’s best placing was the number two doubles tandem of Cassidy Webb and Laini Kunce, who finished third in their bracket.

The other doubles team, Lainie Milner and Adriana Munoz, finished fifth in the number one doubles bracket. In singles play, Brittany Titzer was seventh in the number ones bracket and Karigan Harvey was fifth in the number twos bracket. Harvey tied the fourth place finisher from Charleston, but lost the tiebraker with her.

#1 Singles

1, Jacelyn Street, Newton, 48. 2, Sarah Staller, Robinson, 33. 3, Rachel Thomas, Charleston, 28. 4, Raegan Branon, Centralia, 25. 5, Jenna Gates, Paris, 20. 6, Lisa Henry, Robinson JV, 15. 7, Brittany Titzer, F, 14. 8, Sara Mills, Paris JV, 13.

#2 Singles

1, Mia Hargis, Robinson, 45. 2, Jessilyn Hall, Newton, 30. 3, Emma Campbell, Paris, 29. 4, Meleah Hackett, 26. 5, Karigan Harvey, Fairfield, 26. 6, Kloey Ryan, Centralia, 19. 7, Lily Graham, Paris JV, 12. 8, Destanee Liston, Robinson JV, 10.

#1 Doubles

1, Alysha Clements/Lucy List, Robinson, 36. 2, Piper Marcus/Ali Kessler, Centralia, 35. 3, Claire Griffith/Allison Harris, 32. 4, Kaitlyn Mathews/Sarah Isaf, Paris, 31. 5, Lainie Milner/Adriana Munoz, Fairfield 23. 6, Lexie Madlem/Rainer Fuller Moore, Charleston, 17. 7, Chris Bentley/Dani Brooks, Paris JV, 16. 8, Emma Bogard/Valerie Wright, Robinson JV, 6.

#2 Doubles

1, Stevee Walker/Ella Dorfmueller, Robinson, 39. 2, Kendall Mathews/Chloe Waltz, Paris, 33. 3, Cassidy Webb/Lainie Kunce, Fairfield 27. 4, Kate Stocking/Lexi Enke, Centralia, 26. 5, Madison Emmerich/Lindsey McClain, Newton, 23. 6, Macy Mitchell/Makayla Thomas, Paris JV, 20. 7, Maggie Goetten/Hannah Larson, Charleston, 14. 8, Charlee Stewart/Alana Herr, Robinson JV, 14.


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