Fab Five Friday 9-13-19

Here are this week’s five songs worth listening to:

Iggy Azalea–Started

No, we don’t have a guest contributor this week. Yes, that is a straight up pop song on the list. Although, apparently I was contractually required to mention this one somewhere in the fine print of my marriage license. Sarah has been an Iggy fan since way back, like, when John Scheyer was at Duke. This one is the young girl FTW anthem of the summer, screaming with furur “I started to stay sorry, but fuck that shit!” and “you better ask your GPS I ain’t the one to address.”

I mostly just included this one to remind people Lissie did the best version of Pursuit of Happiness, a similar-themed song.

The Dip–She Gave Me The Keys

How about a palate cleanser? This one is a throwback Seattle groove soul sound with plenty of horns and harmony and a bass line that walks. Plus, I’m a sucker for a car song. This one is all about the joy of those small victories in love. The band said they experimented with this one quite a bit. They said they had some hand claps at one point. I would like to hear that one as well, although this one is just fine. Just, who doesn’t love hand clap songs?

Aubrie Sellers–My Love Will Not Change ft. Steve Earle

Yeah, this one is here entirely for those two words after the “ft.” We all know I worship at the alter of Steve Earle. He tagged with Aubrie on this one, singing a verse and backing up on the chorus. This is another cover, trading Del McCoury’s bluegrass for some fuzzed out guitar. The lyrics are straight up, simple traditional country. Dirtying it up make it seem less like a promise and more like a defiant deceleration. Aubrie says she is trying to kickstart “garage country”. This is another step in that direction.

Party Pupils–Bite My Tongue

This one is just similar enough in sound to scratch a Justin Timberlake itch if you have one, and who doesn’t have one? JT is the peak of humanity. And yeah, I know two pop songs in one column is pushing it. But who doesn’t need some infectious electronic music every now and then? Party Pupils is a collaboration between producer Suave Yung Blanc and singer MAX. I’ve seen this called a synth slammer, for whatever that is worth.

Parker McCollum–Pretty Heart

Alright, let’s get back to americana/country before I lose my target audience. Parker walks that line between legitimate country and radio pop country some. File him in that group with Randy Rogers and the like that can find multiple venue homes in a hybrid place like Austin.

Parker recently did a cover of Turnpike’s Good Lord Lorrie that had people wanting him to fill in for Evan and get the band out there. I wouldn’t go that far. But, Pretty Heart isn’t a bad offering in the songs or regret realm.

I didn't think I was a bad guy
I knew that you were good
You were golden on the inside
And you loved me the best you could
I'm the one who dropped the ball
Got you high and let you fall
Let the best thing I ever had slip away

We’ll be back with five more next week. Until then, remember the immortal words…
“Songs are really just interesting things to be doing with the air.” Tom Waits


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