It’s The Boss’ Birthday

No, not you Jasent.

I’m not going to do the “it’s so-and-so artist’s birthday stuff here too often. There are other sites for that. But, as a sports writer, I am part of a profession that is widely considered to be the foremost experts on all things Springsteen.

So, chime in here: What is your favorite Springsteen song?

My offering to the factory worker gods is off his immortal album Nebraska. But it is not Atlantic City or State Trooper, both probably more widely regarded. Nope, I present to you:

Also, had I realized over the weekend that Bruce’s birthday was coming up, it might have been enough to convince me to not bet against Nebraska live. Because apparently Illinois football even existing wasn’t enough to convince me. Underdogs by 14 and lose by four, and I still didn’t cover my live bet.

Also the new Springsteen in regards to the Sports Writers Hall Of Fame Artists is currently Jason Isbell. They will make up half of our eventual Mt. Rushmore Of Songwriters In The Press Box. We are taking up a collection to make this happen somewhere in the Midwest (cheaper real estate). So far, we have a weathered fedora, a chewed but not lit cigar, some yellow suspenders, and $3. Not to brag, but the Bolivar was mine. I couldn’t afford the $3. Damn you basement bloggers. Wait…


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