Lady Mules Travel To Carbondale Thursday; Host Invite Saturday

The Fairfield Lady Mules made the long trek to Carbondale Thursday to face the Lady Terriers, and came away with one win in nine matches.

Fairfield’s Brittany Titzer won her singles match, facing Longmei Ge in the number threes match. She won both sets, 6-1.

Carbondale 8, Fairfield 1


1—Jessie Harper, C, def. Lainie Milner, F, 6-3, 5-7, 10-8.

2—Shreya Patel, C, def. Adriana Munoz, F, 6-2, 6-0.

3—Brittany Titzer, F, def. Longmei Ge, C, 6-1, 6-1.

4—Audrey Meador, C, def. Karigan Harvey, F, 6-2, 6-4.

5—Mia Newman, C, def. Alexis Worthey, 6-4, 6-0.

6—Rose Kippenbrock, C, def. Ella Thomas, F, 6-2, 6-4.


1—Meador/Patel, C, def. Titzer/Harvey, F, 10-3.

2—Newman/Kippenbrock, C, def. Lainie Kunce/Cassidy Webb, F, 10-1.

3—Ge/Emily Fulk, C, def. Milner/Munoz, F, 10-5.

Invite Features Four Teams

Fairfield hosted the Lady Mules Invitational Saturday, joined at Lakeside Tennis Courts by Carmi, Mt. Carmel and Newton. Each team entered three singles players and two doubles teams into a round robin format.

Carmi won the Invitational with 11 wins, followed by Newton with 9, Fairfield with 6 and Mt. Carmel with 4.

Fairfield got one win against the champion Bulldogs, with Karigan Harvey and Brittany Titzer team for a 10-7 triumph over the tandem of Hannah Lueke and Kadee Milligan.

Carmi 4, Fairfield 1


1—Marie Blankenberger, CWC, def. Milner, F, 10-2.

2—Jasmine Smith, CWC, def. Munoz, F, 10-0.

3—Kaeli Burchfield, CWC, def. Worthey, F, 10-4.


1—Harvey/Titzer, F, def. Hannah Lueke/Kadee Milligan, CWC, 10-6.

2—Liberty Smith/Megan Healy, CWC, def. Kunce/Webb, F, 10-7.

The Mule gals swept singles play against Mt. Carmel for a 3-2 win. Lainie Milner, Adriana Munoz and Alexis Worthey all won easily. Worthey did not drop a set in the threes bracket match.

Fairfield 3, Mt. Carmel 2


1—Milner, F, def. Anne Schroeder, MC, 10-5.

2—Munoz, F, def. Ashton Lane, MC, 10-3.

3—Worthey, F, def. Hope Lane, MC, 10-0.


1—Katie Halbig/Lauren Schoon, MC, def. Harvey/Titzer, F, 10-3.

2—Camryn Strine/Maleah Armstrong, MC, def. Kunce/Webb, F, 10-7.

Worthey had a singles win against Newton as well, and finished as the only Lady Mules with two victories in the tournament.

Fairfield picked up another doubles win as well, however. Lainie Kunce and Cassidy Webb edged their Newton counterparts, 10-8.

Newton 3, Fairfield 2


1—Jacelyn Street, N, def. Milner, F, 10-1.

2—Jessilyn Hall, N, def. Munoz, F, 10-5.

3—Worthey, F, def. Kaitlyn Olmstead, N, 10-5.


1—Claire Griffith/Allison Harris, N, def. Harvey/Titzer, F, 10-6.

2—Kunce/Webb, F, def. Madison Emmerich/Lindsey McClain, N, 10-8.

Up Next

The Lady Mules are at Herrin Monday and will host Flora Thursday. They will host Marion and Olney Saturday.


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