Lady Mules Tennis Edges Wildcats, 5-4

The Fairfield Lady Mules tennis team picked up another team win Tuesday at Lakeside Park, knocking off visiting Salem, 5-4.

Salem won the top two singles matches, but Fairfield swept the other four to take a 4-2 lead heading into doubles play.

Brittany Titzer, Karigan Harvey, Alexis Worthey and Ella Thomas all had victories, playing to 10 games. They combined to win by 30 games.

Salem took the top two in doubles play as well to tie Fairfield at 4-4. Lainie Milner and Adriana Munoz teamed for an 8-2 win in the number three match to give Fairfield the win.

Fairfield 5, Salem 4


1—Alishba Zahoor, S, def. Lainie Milner, F, 10-8.

2—Kaitlyn Banning, S, def. Adriana Munoz, F, 10-3.

3—Brittany Titzer, F, def. Sonya Jha, S, 10-1.

4—Karigan Harvey, F, def. Brynn Metcolf, S, 10-2.

5—Alexis Worthey, F, def. Caroline Foltz, S, 10-6.

6—Ella Thomas, F, def. Sydney Schoonover, S, 10-1.


1—Zahoor/Baning, S, def. Harvey/Titzer, F, 8-6.

2—Jha/Metcalf, S, def. Laini Kunce/Cassidy Webb, F, 8-6.

3—Milner/Munoz, F, def. Foltz/Schoonover, S, 8-2.


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