Training Log: Kaizen Jun 15-21, 2020

After taking a nine-day break after a knee injury squatting on June 6, I got back to it this week. I still did not squat any this week, giving me two full weeks before another squat session. Knee is getting better, but still has issues. I’m working around it by reducing volume on some movements, and lowering intensity on just about everything but press and bench. I backed off to about 60 percent of where I was pre-injury and will work my way back up.

In good news, I also hit a milestone this week in my weight loss. I am back under 250 pounds for the first time in nearly three years. My highest recorded weight in MyFitnessPal is 274, which was back in September of last year when I was struggling with gout. I know I hit 279 though. I didn’t have it in me to log it. I was suppose to go on a daily gout medication back in September. Fuck that. I’m not a “a pill will fix it’ guy. I knew lifestyle changes needed to happen. I have used that feeling to drive me, the same way I have a Word document with some of the shitty things people have said to me over the years I open every now and then drives me. That was a catalyst for my current journey. So far, so good. As of this week, I am down more than 30 pounds in nine months. I have a number in my head I wanted to hit by December. I’m well on pace to hit that.

So, while I have had a small setback with the knee slowing me down, merely but a bump in the road. Tis but a scratch.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Walk 1.78 Miles

Mobility: Theragun Calves

Bench 10×45, 5×95, 4×135, 3×165, 1×185, 1×205, 3x5x215

Band Pull Aparts 3x11xMinis

Push Ups-Sit Ups-Ring Rows 3×5

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Walk 1.75 miles

Cleans 5×65, 4×95, 2×115, 5x1x135

KB Russian Twists 3x7x35#

Mobility: Saddle / Calves Step / Massage Calves

Air Squats 1

2 Rounds: 2 Ab wheels / 1 Pull up / 1 Dip

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Walk 2.69 miles

Airdyne Sprints 6x :10 on / :50 off

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Deadlifts 5×135, 5×185, 5×225

Walk 2.96 miles

Friday, June 19, 2020

Press 5×45, 4×95, 3×115, 2×135, 1×155, 3x5x162.5

Walk 2.88 miles

Step ups w/knee raise 14” box 2×6

Push ups-Sit ups-Ring Rows 3×6

1 Air Squat – 1 Hyper

Mobility: Calves KB

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Walk .9 miles

Snatch 5×65, 4×85, 1×105, 5x1x115

3 rounds: 2 ab wheels-1 Pull up – 1 dip

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Walk 3.06

Mobility: B Squat / Saddle

Farmer Carry 6x 25 yards x 90#, Every 1:30


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