Fab Five Friday–Sep. 4, 2020

Here are this week’s five songs worth listening to.

Kathleen Edwards–Birds On A Feeder

Kathleen Edwards walked away from music for a while, went through a couple of breakups, including with her guitarist, and started a coffee shop called Quitters. This is her musical return. Birds On A Feeder is about renewed hope that comes with a change and finding comfort in the freedom of aloneness.

Blue Water Highway–Dog Days

This one is a little more upbeat in tempo from a south Texas quartet. It reminds us that we can all use some distraction to get us through the lulls in life. Add in a little fuzzy guitar and a backbeat and I’m good to melt away as I ponder the “We never were this blue as kids”.

So come on out tonight
Oh baby we’ll be brand new
These are the dog days
This laying around won’t do
Out in the street, babe
We’ll be dancing all the fireworks away
While the band plays
These are the dog days

Pharrell Williams–Entrepreneur ft. Jay-Z

This is one from a couple up & comers you may not have heard of. Wait, what?

Obviously these two don’t need my help for exposure. And honestly, I don’t even love the song, especially the whisper rapping. But, I love the message and the video and appreciate the Jay-Z verse. Hip hop is at its best when it is social.

Colter Wall–Big Iron

And now a hard left turn for a Marty Robbins cover from Colter Wall, the young man who sounds like an older Johnny Cash. I try not to include too many covers in the column, but I’m digging this one. Maybe it is the 16 hours I just spent watching Ken Burns’ Country Music. This is what modern american mythology is now. Suck it, Zeus. Meet Texas Red, once again.

Brent Cobb–Shut Up and Sing

A while ago, I wrote up not Shutting Up and Singing. Turns out, Brent Cobb wrote a song about it. I have taken a break from the political theater that is Facebook Land. Songs like this make me want to jump back in. As Brent reminds, “There’s poison in our rhetoric.” Someone has to bring the antidote. “Sometimes saying nothing says it all, and then some more.” I’ve been saying nothing for a while.

We’ll be back with five more next week. Until then, remember the immortal words…
“Songs are really just interesting things to be doing with the air.” Tom Waits

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