Take The Points: Aug. 28, 2020

Now that football is firing back up, for however long that works, I’m going to try to start posting our Take The Points shows on here more often. We are still working with partial crews, which we have been doing since March for both social distancing and “life happens” reasons.

Last week was just Bruce and I, and we spent quite a bit of the show on AFC win totals. As I note in the show, I tend to do well on these most years, but this is not a year I’m betting any, simply because there are so many unknowns this year and I don’t want to tie up too much of my bankroll for six months.

…and yet we still picked our over/unders.

Show Notes

Segment 1, 0:00: Intro/community calendar/national holidays

Segment 2, 17:21: Straight Outta Quarantine. I talked about our experience with Covid-19 and getting quarantined for two weeks.

Segment 3, 26:50: iamweez.com plug

28:46: NFL Talk

This is where we made our over/under picks for the AFC. Covering segment 3 and 4.

AFC EastWeezBruce
Bills 9UnderOver
Patriots 8.5OverUnder
Dolphins 6.5UnderOver
Jets 6.5OverOver
AFC West
Chiefs 11.5OverOver
Broncos 7.5UnderUnder
Raiders 7.5UnderOver
Chargers 7.5UnderUnder
AFC North
Ravens 11OverOver
Steelers 9OverUnder
Browns 8.5UnderUnder
Bengals 5.5UnderUnder
AFC South
Titans 8.5UnderUnder
Colts 8.5OverUnder
Texans 7.5UnderOver
Jaguars 5UnderOver

Segment 5, 50:00: Lionel Messi and the transfer demand.


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