Fab Five Friday–Oct. 2, 2020

Here are this week’s five songs worth listening to.

War and Treaty–Five More Minutes

Rock and Soul husband/wife tandem Michael and Tanya Trotter have been a while, but this is one puts them into a new level of infectious success. Five More Minute has been burning up the Americana charts. I’m finally circling back around to it. Big horns, a short funky guitar interlude and big, booming voices with an earworm hook. It’s doesn’t always have to be deep to be interesting air. They also have a song featuring Jason Isbell on this album, Hearts Town.

Angus Gill–The New Old Me ft. Steve Earle

Angus Gill is a 22-year New South Wales kid and he has already scored collaborations a few other top names, but this one is a coup for the kid, getting Steve Earle to sing along with him on a song that reeks of Cross Canadian Ragweed, in a good way. It’s got that roadhouse country blues feel. Lyrically, this is a mentor song.The full album is not out yet, but you better believe I’ll be checking it out when it does on Oct. 16.

Dawes–Didn’t Fix Me

Dawes has, for years now, been one of the most consistently solid bands within their pocket of the industry. They are back to continue that trend with Didn’t Fix Me, a cautionary tale of chasing external justifications. Now then, I’m off to explore a book about a spy in East Berlin.

Colter Wall–Big Iron

Canadian country singer Colter Wall has graced this blog a few times now. So what. My blog, blah blah…Big Iron is a classic Marty Robbins western tune, apropos of a song on the new album Western Swing & Waltzes, and other punchy songs. The original was released in 1970, yet this new version feels darker somehow. Chalk it up to the deep voice of the young Colter I guess. The world needs more murder ballads.

Kyle Nix–Shelby ’65

Most of the people I know who read this blog know who Kyle Nix is, even if they don’t know him by name. Kyle once lived a life as the fiddle player for a little red dirt band called The Turnpike Troubadour. Maybe you heard of them. Shelby ’65 is off his full-length solo debut album, Lightning on the Mountain & Other Stories. Nix is backed by the majority of the Troubadours on this one as well. Shelby ’65 sounds like it would fit in a reboot of Dukes & Hazzard, but in the non-cheesy way. Well, maybe a little. It’s in the “We are about to do something equal parts stupid and fun” way.

We’ll be back with five more next week. Until then, remember the immortal words…
“Songs are really just interesting things to be doing with the air.” Tom Waits


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