Fab Five Friday–Oct. 23, 2020

Here are this week’s five songs worth listening to.

Stevie Wonder–Where Is Our Love Song ft. Gary Clark Jr.

Yes, Stevie Wonder is back. I’m not sure if this is an uplifting song or not. In one sense, it serves as a reminder to strive to peace and love. But in the other sense, it serves as a reminder we need a reminder. Anyone, it is catchy and it has Gary Clark Jr. on guitar, so listen.

Brennen Leigh–Little Blue-Eyed Dog

And now for some bluegrass. Listen, this one from North Dakota folky isn’t complicated. It popped up while I was walking my dog, so it just found me in the right mood at the right time. Sometimes it is the simple songs in the simple times. And sometimes those songs are about the best boy ever, Cosmo. I’m pretty sure this was about Cosmo. I didn’t even know he had been to Texas. He never told me. We are still working on that telepathy.

Sam Morrow–Money Ain’t A Thing

Back to the rock roots and fuzzy country. Sonically, this one sits somewhere between Shooter and Sturgill, and that sits in my sweet spot. Grit and Groove, baby, Grit and Groove. This is the one you Red Dirt fans share with your Pops still blasting the Little Feat records.

My stackin’ is lackin’ cause I’m always getting paid on the back end
Tired of the paper chase there’s always someone round the bend
Got a shiny new cedes’ and an Instagram lady
Can’t hang with these babies unless I’m getting faded
It ain’t free, gotta pay to be

Shaker Hymns–What I’ve Become

Shaker Hymns’ The Ties That Bind is an eclectic new release from the Texas boys. It was originally releases as two separate EPs and now as their first full-length. And it showcases the variety and range of the band. Part country, part southern rock and part 90s alternative. And not in a blend within the songs kind of way, but in the way some of the stuff sounds like a completely different band than the previous song on the album. Want some Whiskey Myers style southern rock? Try Dodging Bullets. Want some pedal steel duet country? Try Not Alone. Or, as my co-worker said when this one came up–“I didn’t think you liked 90s alternative?”

Daniel Donato–Broke Down

Circling back around on this one, as Mr. Cosmic Country has appeared here before, but I wanted to include one of Daniel’s own songs. I previously featured a Prine cover. Broke Down is not your grandfather’s country. It is probably closer to you father’s rock, if you are close to my age and your dad may or not have been at Woodstock, but tells you he doesn’t really remember those couple of years all that well. Or as my buddy LaMar said, “One thing I like is that many of these new country guys know their Dead.”

We’ll be back with five more next week. Until then, remember the immortal words…
“Songs are really just interesting things to be doing with the air.” Tom Waits


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